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One thing I found really helpful was how savage grow plus reviews this book talked about not being the victim, but being the empowered one. While I know that by making the decision to take action you are putting yourself in the driver's seat, it does not mean you need to sit back and allow life to happen to you. Instead, you need to be proactive and take charge of your destiny. How The Secret Changed My Life changed my whole outlook on relationships because I realized that if I want to make myself happy, it's time to take care of myself first.

Another part of How The Secret Changed My Life was connecting to the universal energy that is around me at all times. The universe is always immeasurably greater than a human being and I found that the more I focused on this truth the happier I became. This is because everything begins with the thoughts we have about ourselves. If we love ourselves, we will attract more love to ourselves.

Now, this doesn't mean that you should forget about the past. In fact, you can use the past to enrich your present and future. Think about the things you did when you were happy and keep a mental list of the good things that happened to you. What lessons can you take from these things? You can apply these lessons in your life and use them to create more happiness.

The last part of How The Secret Changed My Life was about being patient. Patience is very important if we are going to be happy. It might sound like a platitude, but it is absolutely true. If we don't learn how to be patient in our lives, we will end up unhappy. It is impossible to create long term happiness when you are always angry, resentful and frustrated.