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How To Differentiate Between Natural And Synthetic Fiber

When it comes to the winter season then we all need some warm and cozy clothes to make ourselves feel easy and comfortable in all the dresses. But do you have any idea about what kind of fiber is there in your clothes and what would you really like to wear? If you have no idea what I am talking about then this is the right place to know about synthetic and natural fiber.

It's easy to sew with the best sewing machine in both cases whether you are using synthetic fiber or natural fiber. If you want more information about the best sewing machine for beginners then you can check this link out . Here are some of the differences through which you can differentiate between the synthetic and natural fabric.


When you will be there at the store to buy the right kinds of fabrics for the winter season then you can differentiate between these two types on the basis of their warm feel. If you want to sew something which is warm and you like to wear natural fabrics as compared to the synthetic one then the first thing you should focus on is how warm it is.

Natural fabric is obtained from the animal and it's always warmer than the synthetic one. If you will take a closer look at both of the material and if you will keep your hand under one of the fabrics one by one then you can easily witness how warm it is. Usually, people like to go for warmer wool clothes like natural fiber in the winter season.


Another identification you can have when it comes to the difference between the two material is breathability. Natural fiber is breathable while synthetic fiber is not breathable. When you will wear these two dresses then you can clearly feel the difference, as well as the natural fabric, has the ability to deal with the moisture wicking abilities.

When you sew something related to the natural fiber or you will wear something made up of it then you can understand the breathability property as well as temperature regulation. Natural fiber is suitable for the people who are allergic to the garments and who need everything up to the mark. You can sew amazing things in a natural fabric with the help of sewing machine.


Many sewers out there don't like to wear something out of the synthetic fiber and that's why they always try to do their best when it comes to checking the difference in both of the garment. You can do the burning test in this case when you have an order from someone to prepare a dress from natural fabric. Now you can identify on the basis of how each garment is going to react to the fire.

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When you will lit the patch of natural fabric then you can see how it will burn to the ashes like a paper. On the other hand when you will burn the synthetic fabric then you can see how it will start melting like a plastic. This burning test will prove the difference between these two garments and simply you can pick the desired one for your next project.


If you are about to prepare some project which must be for the wearing then always choose the natural fabric. Natural fiber is environment-friendly but one thing that you have to take care of is the washing and durability. Natural fabric is quite delicate in nature and maybe after some years, you have to replace it with the new one.

As compared to the natural fiber, synthetic fabric is more durable. Synthetic material is not environment-friendly all the time but they are durable and can be used in the long term. If you are preparing something for the casual use other than wearing then I recommend to use synthetic fabric for it. When it comes to long-term use, you can use synthetic fiber.


No matter if you are a beginner or an expert sewer, all you have to take care of is whatever you are sewing must be hygienic in nature and acceptable. As we all know that natural fabric is obtained from the animals and there is no harm in using it but synthetic fiber is manmade and it has so many impurities as well as it can be unhygienic sometimes.

The source of producing synthetic fiber is several chemicals and local material. For people who are going through severe allergies, synthetic fabric is not acceptable for them and they should go for natural fabrics. In case, you are getting some order from the client then don't forget to confirm what kind of fabric they want as it will increase the worth of your work.


The next big thing which holds a great importance in your work is finishing. If your project has no finishing, then your client is not going to be satisfied with the work and you will never get the orders again. In this case, I recommend you to use synthetic fabric for the sewing and for the neat finishing.

If you are sewing something like a dress or anything casual, you can see the visible difference in the finishing of both garments. You just have to reduce the seam allowance of natural fabric to see the finishing while on the other hand synthetic fiber doesn't require so much effort and techniques.

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There is a long debate between the sewers about natural and synthetic fabric but with the help of a few techniques and testing, you can definitely differentiate between the natural and synthetic fabric. At the time of attempting winter project, you will definitely enjoy the different side of the sewing.