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"That's all right. Sister, be careful on the way. Don't hurt yourself carelessly. In this way, my sister will blame herself." Rong Fei said, a face of hypocrisy. Luo Yi nodded and strode out of the gate. Words to the reader: Today, Xiaoshi finally signed a contract. I hope the click can be improved. For this reason, Xiaoshi added a chapter today. Wow! Chapter 31 Goodbye, Your Majesty. Updated July 28, 2010 16:05:10 Words: 1,565 Out of the Yirong Hall, Luoyi suddenly felt the whole person relaxed. The heart is still vaguely worried about whether his answer just now can keep him out of trouble? Forget it, since the words have been said, what is she worried about? If Rong Fei really wants to make an enemy of her, she will do it again, so why worry so much. Falling clothes is always like this, did not happen to get, never to worry about, such a character is really indifferent, harem intrigue life, is really not suitable for her. In the Yirong Hall, Rong Fei recalled the conversation with Pian Fei just now, and the corners of her mouth showed a cold smile. The daughter of a guilty minister was really not a problem. It was urgent to carry out her own plan. Tonight, tonight, after tonight, she will be further away from the position of queen. Luoyi walked slowly on the way back to the Lotus Pavilion. The scenery along the way was very good. Luoyi looked like a simple child,radio shuttle racking, walking and watching. Fortunately, there was no one on the way. On the way back, Luoyi had to pass through the imperial garden. Looking at the spring scenery in the garden, Luoyi's pace slowed down. Although all things are good, but near autumn, the gorgeous flowers will wither, Luoyi can not help but sigh, but this autumn scenery has a unique charm, all the year round,Drive in racking system, spring, summer, autumn and winter, she loves this autumn alone. Immersed in the scenery, Luoyi did not notice that there were two more people around him. My beloved concubine is really in high spirits. Suddenly there was a sound that startled her, but soon she recovered her expression. Turned a look, a dragon robe of Mo Ziqian embrace a big beauty came to him, that woman is very peerless, fall clothes suddenly feel that this is not the role of the world's women have been his Mo Ziqian to get? "My concubine joined the emperor." Falling off his clothes, he immediately saluted, lowered his eyebrows and eyes, and did not look at the man who was in love with him. Mo Ziqian looked at the clothes and lowered his head, feeling unhappy, is he so annoying to her? Every time he saw him, he looked down at him, and this time it was the same. Is she really not in herself at all? Mo Ziqian had some atmosphere, heavy duty racking system ,Pallet rack supplier, holding Ye Fei's hand tightly, but his eyes still did not leave the clothes with his head down. Your Majesty, is this the imperial concubine you specially ordered her to serve you? It's really a beauty. The words of Ye Fei in her arms temporarily eased the atmosphere. No matter how beautiful it is, how can it be more beautiful than my leaves? Mo Ziqian deliberately teased in front of Luoyi, just to attract her attention, but Luoyi still did not look at him at a glance. My concubine has seen Empress Ye Fei. Luo Yi saluted Ye Fei. When Ye Fei saw her saluting herself, she quickly broke away from Mo Ziqian's arms and went up to help her. "Why are you so polite, sister?" She said. "Get up quickly." Mo Ziqian looked at the two women in front of him, but he was like an outsider, and could not help smiling. The Ye Fei in front of her was not as hypocritical as the Rong Fei just now, at least she was very kind to people, and she smiled kindly. Which imperial concubine saw that she was not smiling, but unexpectedly, only she, Su Pian, looked at herself and never smiled. But just now in the face of the woman in the harem, she actually laughed out, that smile, is so pure, without a trace of impurities, see Mo Ziqian lost his mind. "Your Majesty, why didn't you say a word when you stopped your sister?" When Ye Fei saw that the emperor was silent, she quickly reminded him, but at the same time she saw the light bursting out of Mo Ziqian's eyes, which he did not have when he looked at himself and Rong Fei. It seemed that the emperor really liked the person in front of him. Otherwise, how could he specially issue an imperial edict for her and withdraw it for her? "Where is the beloved concubine going?" Reminded by Ye Fei, Mo Ziqian came to his senses. Back to the emperor, I am going back. "Luoyi answered lightly but respectfully, the distance is just right, Luoyi has always been like this, keeping a distance with everyone." Where does the beloved concubine come from? Mo Ziqian was curious that she didn't come out very often. Why did she come to the imperial garden today? "Rong Fei just came to chat with her concubines." This Mo Ziqian is really troublesome, ask long and short, oneself now like this, is not his harm. Rong Er? Is Rong Er looking for her? According to Rong's temperament, I'm afraid it's going to embarrass her, but look at the way she was immersed in the scenery just now, it's nothing. If the emperor has nothing to do and it's getting late, I'll go back first. Today, I was reading a good book in the yard. It was very pleasant. There were so many things for no reason. I really felt a little unhappy in my heart. Without waiting for Mo Ziqian to answer, Luoyi had already turned around and left. This woman, the more he is thousands of miles away, the more he wants to get close to her, understand her, let her fall in love with himself, in short, this Rouge horse, he is going to set. Words to the reader: Xiaoshi wrote more than 6000 words in one breath today, but all of them were written by me today. I hope it can rise quickly. I look forward to your support. Chapter 32 Framing Plan Updated July 29, 2010 11:31:37 Words: 1408 In the evening, Mo Ziqian read the memorial in the Hall of Mental Cultivation. After stretching and drinking tea, Mo Ziqian took out the hairpin that the sunset clothes had dropped carelessly from his close-fitting clothes and played with it. The remaining fragrance on it was getting weaker and weaker, and he did not know when he would be able to win her heart. It's better to take action than to be moved. Why don't you stay in the Lotus Pavilion tonight? In the final analysis, she is also her own concubine,long span shelving, she sleeps in her own concubine's bedroom, this is human nature, I believe no one will have any criticism. omracking.com