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Just as Chen Han uses a silver needle to stop bleeding, if he uses an electric beam needle, the effect is absolutely not much worse than that of a coagulation pump. If he uses a magnetic needle, Chen Han is sure to control the bleeding immediately. Acupuncture and position are the basis of Chen Han's potential science, which is magical, but it also needs a lot of external assistance. The patient was temporarily handed over to Wang Hao, and Chen Han turned around to check Sun Xiaoyue's condition. This check does not matter, after checking, even Chen Han straight frown. When Yao Ren saw that Chen Han's expression was not right, he said, "Well, have you been saved?"? Chen Han, Xiaoyue is a good seedling. I treat her as his sister. If I hadn't been disheartened before and planned to go to hell in a few years, I would have taught her well, and I wouldn't have let her fall into this field. Also Yao Ren hesitated for a moment: "At the very beginning of her injury, when she was judged to be hopeless, she kept calling your name. I'm not joking at this time.". Even if there is no idea between men and women, it must be to believe in your medical skills, believe that you can create miracles, brother, think of ways to save her, brother knows that you are different from before. Yao Ren, Chen Han, Yao Dan, three people play together since childhood, Yao Dan outside called the third,mineral flotation, that is because in his eyes Chen Han is also his brother. With Yao Ren, although usually play casual, but the feelings of the two are closer than brothers, but Yao Ren called Chen Han "brother", together less than three times, one of which is to persuade Chen Han to go abroad. I will try to find a way "Chen Han quickly needle, Sun Xiaoyue's body is much stronger than the average person, can let Chen Han slightly open some hands and feet to stimulate her vitality.". If the average person's body is not strong enough, even if it can stimulate potential in a short time,sodium cyanide price, the result is only a flash in the pan, and the death will be even worse: she now has dozens of cuts on her body, and there are several fatal wounds. Fortunately, there should be something outside to block it, otherwise he would have been dismembered. "Well," Yao Ren nodded. "At that time, she rushed in with people, wearing a double-layer bulletproof vest, and the posture I taught her. It was still the same. That bastard was really too strong. If he hadn't thought Sun Xiaoyue would die and let me be a hostage, it would have been very difficult for us to hit him hard, but we still let the bastard escape. He used his Miao Dao superbly, and his six men were all good at it. This time, only six of his men were killed and he was wounded. "Her hand tendons and foot tendons were broken in many places, her spleen was punctured, her whole body tendons and veins were broken, at least dozens of fractures were broken, and her body blood had lost more than 35%.." While dealing with the most critical situation, Chen Han said that the more he said, portable gold wash plant ,gold shaking table, the more worried he was. From the heart, this situation, with the current medical conditions, even if Chen Han personally, only less than 30% sure. The two doctors who had completed the amputation operation next to Chen Han showed a shocked expression when they heard what Chen Han had said. They have only one idea, such a person can not survive, not to mention anything else, just the loss of blood, he will die. If the body loses more than 20% of its blood, circulatory disorders will occur, and if it is not rescued, it will be life-threatening if it reaches 30%. With such a serious injury, she has lost more than 35% of her blood now, and she will die. Only Wang Hao, with Chen Han for a long time, Chen Han's greatest influence on him is to teach him how to concentrate. Everyone else heard Chen Han's words, but he did not hear anything, his eyes only Chen Han's task. Chen Han himself has already done his best to keep his concentration on doing things, but when needed, he can also pay attention to the situation around him at any time, without affecting his operation. These can only be honed by military doctors in the battlefield, and doctors in peacetime do not need to pay attention to these no matter how skillful they are. Seeing that the doctors always looked at him, Chen Han shouted, "Do your own thing. This is not a classroom. If you don't concentrate, you will die." The two young doctors nodded hurriedly and looked at each other at the same time. They all had the same meaning in their eyes. What's the point of saving a dead man! It's just that they don't know who Chen Han is. Seeing Wang Hao's respectful and obedient appearance, they mutter and guess in their hearts, and dare not say anything more. Volume 1 Chapter 47 Amazing Speed Novel Bus Updated: June 13, 2010 15:43:49 Words in this chapter: 3561 Chapter 47 amazing speed. Chen Han called over a nurse: "Prepare a hemostatic needle and a cardiotonic." Sun Xiaoyue, it depends on your own vitality, Chen Han under the needle quickly, with Sun Xiaoyue now this situation, must be under the heavy medicine. The first is to strengthen the potential stimulation, stimulate her strongest vitality, but afraid that her heart can not stand, so Chen Han let the nurse prepare cardiotonic. The rest was up to him, who had to sew up all the wounds on her body before she lost more than half of her blood. Connect her broken bones and tendons, and then help her recuperate to avoid the sequelae caused by strong stimulation to stimulate vitality. Damn, the electric beam needle and the magnetic needle can't be made for a while, but after this incident, I absolutely have to get the blood coagulation pump out. With a clotting pump, it wouldn't be so dangerous today. When the nurse put on the hemostatic injection, Chen Han had already begun to connect the hand tendon with Sun Xiaoyue. When the nurse prepared the cardiotonic, Chen Han had already connected all the broken parts of Sun Xiaoyue's hand tendon. What ordinary doctors need to do in half an hour, Chen Han has done in less than three minutes. This also depends on Chen Han's recent body, otherwise such a fast speed to complete the operation, if the previous body, would have fainted. Faster, faster, faster. Chen Han directly put the tool cart to his side, without looking back at all, one hand in the suture, the other hand can touch the surgical tools needed. His action made several nurses dumbfounded. It was too fast. They now understand why, from just now to now, Chen Han has not been in the side of the nurse to help pass the surgical equipment, his speed no one can keep up with, even two or three people can not. Said the time itself has been slow,coltan ore processing, unless you can know what he used, even so, I am afraid it is too late. ore-magnetic-mining.com