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There are always some people who have luck and talent, but they can't go to the last step. The eyes of the Sun King have become a knot in Jiang Yan's heart. When his strength is low, he doesn't feel much. Now turning to cultivation, the primordial spirit is extremely sensitive, knowing that it is a doom of its own. One's own power comes from the gift of the Sun King. If you don't avenge the Sun King, you can't become an immortal. So Jiang Yan himself is not eager to get rid of space, he also wants to use the rules of space, first get the power of God level, good against the city of miracles of the five guys. Others are promoted to the city of miracles, which is the end. For Jiang Yan, it is just the beginning. Dry floor and Jiang Yan in the temple, talked for a night, the sky is not bright, Jiang Yan just left, back to the song. Kulou's men were curious about what their captain had said to the doctor. But the dry building that came out of the temple had a cold mask of bones on its face, and these people dared not ask. Usually when you have this expression, it is useless to ask anything. Jiang Yan returned to the morning song, quite satisfied, the three months of the ruins of the city of miracles, only equivalent to the morning song almost a month more time. I have 180 days to prepare for the A-level city. Such a long time, outside the city has been able to do some basic layout, petrified forest,cantilever racking system, can be planted a lot. Advanced A-level cities have almost 12 hours of attack time left for the enemy. In 12 hours, you can't even cut down the trees. Chapter 562 death. For the first time, the petrified forest was destroyed by Jiang Yan in six years. On the side of the little devil, the rosefinch hell legion has reached 120, that is, 1.2 million devil troops. In hell, this is only a small force. Jiang Yan still has six months to go to Chaoge City to prepare for the advanced city. He simply in the petrified forest, with all his main team,shuttle rack system, search for the material of refining medicine. Yuyangzi, a Taoist priest, refused to turn to Shennong Feather Sutra, but this guy's refining level was quite high, so Jiang Yan invited Yuyangzi to the refining department to refine equipment for his army. Those who refused to join the Heavenly Palace of Shennong's Feathering went to the Department of Alchemy, which offered sacrifices to other immortals. Immortals are not competing for believers, but to expand the scope of inheritance. Shennong gained an absolute advantage in Chaoge and did not suppress other immortals. All the contractors of Chaoge City know that the city is going to be advanced, and they are also quite nervous. And the aborigines of Chaoge City know that their plane is going to expand, and that if the plane is advanced, there must be evil spirits to attack. The aborigines don't care. They all think that the little devil is the vice Lord of the city and has the power to summon the devil's legion. If you have the devil legion, the evil will attack, and the pressure on everyone will be much less. No one knows, in a month's time, the withered building sent Wu Hou eight array map. Jiang Yan paid 2.2 billion worth of survival points of medicine for this, and made a mask for the withered building. This mask was made by Jiang Yan himself, and this is the first time he has used his own strength to build equipment. The attribute of the mask is fusion, heavy duty cantilever racks ,shuttle rack system, which can be fused with any equipment. If you want, you can fuse a shield weighing thousands of pounds into this mask. Kulou saw Jiang Yan's gift and laughed. Yu Nan snorted and said, "Captain, you haven't even sent a gift to Sister Anna." "I'm not familiar with the doctor," said Kulou with a smile. "I need some small gifts to increase my feelings, don't I?" The meaning of Jiang Yan's mask is very clear. In this mask, there is a trace of Jiang Yan's power, which can cut time and space and temporarily get rid of space control. And this mask can only be used by the withered building itself. Jiang Yan's meaning is, this secret, you do not say for the time being. As long as the mask is on the face, there is no way to forget Jiang Yan's reminder. But this mask, the withered building has to put on, the attribute is very good. This is a mask made by fusing the carapace of the silver bottle bug. It has the ability of self-repair and amazing defense. The mask of the withered building has many wonderful uses. After fusing this mask, it is equivalent to adding more than four attributes out of thin air. Her mask, but the durability is not high, but the fusion of Jiang Yan sent her mask, durability not only improved, itself can also be automatically repaired. Of course, there is an upper limit for automatic repair. When the mask is about to be damaged, you can ask Jiang Yan for repair liquid again. It was the liquid secreted from the body of the silver bottle worm, and Jiang Yan had a lot of it on hand. Silver bottle worms do not know how to reproduce, but Jiang Yan caught a lot alive, can not reproduce, can also be raised, regularly release some liquid to store. After a small episode, Kulou returned to Yin Ruins with a huge amount of medicine. With these medicines, the core members of Yin Ruins are basically equal to a few more lives. Jiang Yan also knows that the city of advanced miracles, but these medicines are not enough, Yin Ruins also need at least half a year to prepare. Jiang Yan can't wait, he will eight array map fusion in the song city, let the little devil will rosefinch hell legion sent, began to prepare for the advanced city. In most cities, the task has not been completed, it is impossible to advance, and a few cities that have completed the task dare not advance in the first time. Jiang Yan's song is the first one to eat crabs. Jiang Yan is not worried, if the integration of the eight array map, with the petrified forest of the song can not be advanced to the A-level city, then he simply hit his head to death. After arranging the rosefinch hell legion, Jiang Yan chose the advanced Chaoge City. The space prompt only appeared an hour later, and this time, there will be 10 B-level city covenanters participating in the offensive alborada. These 10 B-level cities are all from the City of Miracles. For each city of miracles, the Covenanters of two cities will be sent to attack the city. Attack duration, Chaoge City timeline 6 pm to 6 am, a total of 12 hours. Specific attack time, 24 hours later. This time, Jiang Yan don't have to personally to ChengTou fight, all to the little devil and the palace. The rosefinch team is watching the battle at No.1 Qishan Avenue. Mobilize the whole city, all the contractors, must go to Chengtou to fight,heavy duty cantilever racks, sign up, in Chengtou's fighting time, not less than 4 hours. There is a reward for killing the enemy within 4 hours of the city defense. jracking.com