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To be sure, the scene in front of us is the scene of the third floor of the Dragon God's tomb. Why does such a beautiful gate become a barren land of hundreds of meters? Just when Hua Yun was confused, suddenly there was a thunderbolt in the blue sky. Fear The terrible thunder rippled the space, and the trees in the jungle below were shaken. The waist was cut off and collapsed on the ground. Small animals that were drinking water were killed by the shock. The sudden arrival of the thunder two Huayun can not help but tremble all over a sense of inexplicable fear from. From the bottom of my heart. A grey and low sky. It's like it's going to be on top of you. It's gutsy. The feeling of suffocation. It is the first time that Dahuayun has experienced this feeling after reaching a low commanding strength. The blue sky two seemed to be cut by the knife mercilessly, the general door cracked into two halves and slowly changed. It's getting gloomy. Ben Lei looked at the sky awkwardly. Eyes are full of the color of fear to a kind of invisible cut. The breath washed up and made it almost kneel on the ground to worship. The sky is getting more and more open, and the thunder is getting louder and louder. Until finally, Erlian Huayun and Cadoris It has been affected a little. The weakest running thunder, needless to say, was almost not given by the thunder. Shake and lie on the ground. Cadoris? Is that what you want us to see? Ben Lei shrank his head and thought about turning around. The head asked Cadoris. Mmm! Next thing you know. Don't blink. Remember two,sonicator homogenizer, this is just the soil. An illusion left over from the earth, a real thing that has happened. Cadoris said in a deep voice Tao. Oh After listening to Cadoris's words, Da Ben Lei felt a little relieved. Ben Lei secretly took a glance at Hua Yunmen and said that he secretly admired him. From the beginning to the end, Hua Yun's expression has never been there. Half-minute change. This calmness alone is not what it can match. Looks like the door is to the boss. There are many things to learn. Roar! As the roar of the sky came,ultrasonic generator driver, the space around the two seemed to be inflated, saying that the two were constantly undulating. Here. Although we already know that this is not true. But Hua Yun was still shocked by the roar. The blood in the buzzing door could not help but boil in the body. Horrible shudder! Hua Yun's face was a little pale. The voice was too terrible. If there were a few more doors, the door would come. It's hard to say whether I can hold on or not. Then look at the running thunder door, which has already been stunned by the roar. Go, Cadoris can't run away from the door, although there's nothing on his face. But the luster of the eyes is obvious. A little weak. While Hua Yun is paying attention to Cadoris. Cadoris also noticed Hua Yun. Cadoris saw that Hua Yun's face was only a little pale, and he could not help admiring him in the dark. Although it does not It is not the first time that I have opened the door of memory here, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic handheld welder, but every time I hear this roar, I will inevitably feel it. The bottom of my heart trembles. At this time, the top of the dark sky appeared bright and colorful luster. As the shine comes out Now. A huge and sharp white golden thorn fell slowly through the top two of the sky. Come here "Coming!" Cadoris whispered. Just as the voice network of Cadoris fell. It is also said that the handle of the white-gold giant thorn shuttles from the side and goes out tightly. Then the third handle, the fourth handle, until the fifth handle when the door giant thorn stopped falling. When the five giant thorns fall halfway, Hua Yun is here. Just ten thousand right clear lines, five huge Danby's huge thorn is what the east is the claw. Old, CUHK. Incomparable white and gold claws. It's just that the claws are so huge that the owner of this claw How big should it be? This is the first time that Hua Yun has seen such a big claw door, even if it is the largest in the whole world. The claws of big creatures are not as good as those of this white and golden claw. Boom! The claw landed on the ground, and the huge foot, which was bigger than the claw, then stepped on the ground. Hua Yun and Cadoris couldn't help jumping up and down. The feet are covered with numerous scales, which are made up of gold and silver. Big Some of the scales are covered with strange symbols. There are hundreds of symbols on the feet alone. Hua Yun has not yet seen the face of the owner of the foot at this time, because it is too huge. Even heaven and earth can hardly contain all of its body. What the hell is this? A single one. Foot. Hua Yun simply could not guess what the creature in front of him was. Just as Hua Yun was guessing, suddenly a bigger object fell to the ground. Curtain. Huayun finally reached a depth of 100 meters in the cemetery. How did the four places that are wide and can't see the edge come from? Timber. It was smashed by this creature. The fallen phylum is as large as a small half of its body. Most of the body is still at the top of the space. Ha ha ha, shrill laughter rang out. The sound made Hua Yun and Cadoris take two steps back before they could stop. I saw a giant shadow fall from the sky. Suddenly, the extremely cold breath of Erbing came. Surrounded by a crackling sound, countless. Ice crystals appear out of thin air. The whole space of the time gate is filled with ice crystals of different sizes. Hua Yun looked at the dark shadow shrouded in the dense white fog in horror, and the giant shadow was actually empty. Everything can freeze. Who the hell is he? "Ridiculous!"! This is ridiculous! Dragon Gate, you thought you were pulling me into your graveyard. Medium. Can you win me? Want to seal me in the space you created? It's just doing Dream! The shadow laughed wildly. Dragon God? Bidaram, the Lord of Ice? Hearing the words of the shadow, Erhua Yun immediately said that he was shocked. It turned out that this dark shadow was the main God of ice, Bida Lime Gate,ultrasonic cutting machine, and that was so huge that he could not see all the faces. The appearance of the body door should be the Dragon God. No wonder you feel palpitations. It turns out that the main God is right. War. Now Men Huayun has finally solved the gap between the commanding rank and the main God rank, and he also understands it. Why the Lord God is high above. There is a big difference between the master of the commanding rank and the main God. It can be said that as long as the Lord God is willing to be right. No matter how many commanders you pay. Even if all the leaders work together, they may not be able to deal with it. There is a main God. Looking at the Dragon God in front of the two Hua Yun is even more puzzled. The second rumor of the Dragon Clan is not to say. fycgsonic.com