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Indeed, Diu Diu learned a lot in kindergarten. Although she still walks unsteadily, at least she has adapted to the life of a normal person. Even if she is a little slow, she is at least a normal person. Before Chen Xiaoming could breathe a sigh of relief, he was almost scared out of his wits by Jiang Miaomiao, who fainted again without warning. Two people are out looking for supplies, just because Jiang Miaomiao is too bored, Chen Xiaoming took her out to find things to do, the results of Jiang Miaomiao has not yet reached the place directly fainted in the past. Chen Xiaoming didn't even find the cause, so he went straight into the space with the car and people. With the last basic data, Liu Qingyun soon gave a notice that Jiang Miaomiao's organ failure was serious and there was not much time left. This sudden change, let Chen Xiaoming once fell into ignorance, do not know how to understand that organ failure is serious, do not know what is left time is not much. Jiang Miaomiao is open-minded, anyway, she has changed the fate of Jiang Jing's disappearance, but also with his lover for so long, although Diu Diu intelligence has some shortcomings, but she is also developing in a good direction bit by bit. But there is one thing that must be solved, that is, about Jiang Jing's emotional problems. I don't know what 1037 is busy with recently, and I can't get in touch with him all the time. The question about the progress of the task is also vague. Although Jiang Jing survived and completely recovered as a human being,Faux cherry blossom tree, his emotional problems were not solved for a day, and Jiang Miaomiao's task was not completed for a day. The main thing is that she doesn't have much time. In fact, they do not need to check, her own body is the most clear, this body has long been spent force, do not hurry to solve the main problem, I am afraid it will not survive. Finally, Jiang Miaomiao persuaded Chen Xiaoming to leave the child to Jiang's father and mother on the grounds of looking around,artificial grass panels, and then accompanied her to Jiang Jing's school. Fortunately, Diu Diu had already been born, and along the way, occasionally Dr. Chen would add some mutant spinach extract to Jiang Miaomiao, supporting her to move forward. Jiang Miaomiao also did his best, until he crossed more than half of the country, from the security zone of Yu Haoran in the central part to the security zone of Xijing in the southwest border. When Jiang Miaomiao found Jiang Jing, he was a sparring partner, teaching a little girl to practice volleyball. See the sudden appearance of Jiang Miaomiao, Jiang Jing some uncomfortable red face, but the little girl is very atmospheric with Jiang Miaomiao said hello. Jiang Miaomiao quietly glanced at the small and sweet girl opposite, but he didn't expect Jiang Jing to be so lucky that he could talk about a girlfriend casually. Sister.. Seeing that Jiang Miaomiao just glanced at her and said nothing, Jiang Jing could not figure out her mind and opened his mouth uneasily. Your brother-in-law and I have just arrived. Would you like to take us to taste the delicious food in your school? Jiang Miaomiao was possessed by a foodie in an instant, which resolved this little embarrassment. After dinner, Jiang Miaomiao was able to find out the specific situation. Unexpectedly, fake ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, the little girl was a family friend with the Jiang family, but she had never seen Jiang Miaomiao before. I think Ning Ning is very good. She looks sweet and has a gentle temperament. If you are sincere, you should get engaged early and settle down. Don't be pried away by other people. Jiang Miaomiao said half jokingly, so that Chen Xiaoming, who was always paying attention to her, could not help but be stunned. He had always thought that this time, her target was Si Jingyi and Yu Haoran, so he did not show much surprise that the two were together. Did not expect that he was wrong, the real purpose of the little guy, is actually Jiang Jing? But yes, she has always been more important to Jiang Jing's safety. Maybe Jiang Jing really listened to Jiang Miaomiao's words. When he was a sophomore, it happened to be Jiang Jing's 18th birthday. With this opportunity, they contacted their families and got engaged. They were waiting to get married after graduation from university. The engagement banquet was held in Yu Haoran's safety zone. In the past two years, Yu Haoran's safety zone has gradually incorporated several small surrounding safety zones into its own territory because of its own food production and sufficient supplies, which is the largest safety zone at present. Their own strength is not weak, coupled with the family is a powerful role, but also the support of the district chief, Jiang Jing's engagement banquet is to do the scenery is infinite. Even compared with before the outbreak of the doomsday, it is not too much. Many people came to the engagement banquet, especially the prominent figures in the security zone, those who fawned on Jiang's father and mother, those who gave Yu Haoran face, or those who took care of Chen Xiaoming and Jiang Miaomiao. Jiang Miaomiao pulled Diu Diu to sit in the corner, looking at the high-spirited Jiang Jing in the center of the stage, suddenly feeling like a lifetime ago. Is this the same little autistic wolf cub? Is this the little guy who was upset about a half-baked roast rabbit? Jiang Miaomiao has to sigh how time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, the little guy is engaged, and her Diu Diu is going to primary school. Diu Diu, in the future, your mother is not around you, you have to believe that your mother loves you, your mother just changed a way to accompany you. "Diu Diu needs to be stronger and braver without his mother. His mother believes that Diu Diu is a great child, right?" Facing her daughter's confused big eyes, Jiang Miaomiao's tears poured out uncontrollably. She wants to be with her all the time and accompany her to experience different lives, but unfortunately, she can't do it. Chen Xiaoming, who had just come from the bathroom, heard her whispering exhortation, the lines on his face were stiff, and his eyes were as painful as the abyss. He thought that all this was false, that they still had countless time to waste, but it was impossible, her body had run out of oil, and it was difficult to maintain. In the past two years, he tried every means, but still could not stop her internal organs from failing for no reason, which made him, who was praised as a genius, decadent. Mom,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, it's starting. The bride is coming out. Looking at Gao Ningning who slowly came out of the revolving round ladder, Diu Diu clapped his hands excitedly and said. Well, it's coming out. Next is my uncle's important moment. Diu Diu should be good and not be too noisy. Jiang Miaomiao pulled the child into his arms and said reluctantly. hacartificialtree.com