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The next five days, in addition to the daily uninterrupted exercise time, the rest of the time, Wen Qing mother and son devoted themselves to the selection of the room above. Larzan, as the refreshment station between Karaka Energy Star and Galaxy 2, has a huge flow of people. There are many people and the house price is expensive, so Wen Qingniang is a little anxious. The big house is too expensive to bear, the small house, the location is not good, Wen Qing also has children, the surrounding environment needs great attention. After picking and choosing for two days, he decided on a house that both mother and son were satisfied with. Located on the outskirts of the city, the transportation is also convenient, and it is very convenient to take the suspension train, which Wen Qing, who does not have a driver's license, expressed his satisfaction. The house is a three-story villa with a garden, and the garden is particularly large, which Wen Ximing's little friend said is simply his dish, no longer need to face the sympathetic eyes of those strange aunts. In the future, your yard is big enough, and you don't need to go to the public garden, okay! Wen Ximing was very satisfied. And what Wen Qing likes most is that this house has a basement. He can clean up the basement in the future and make it into an alchemy room and an alchemy room. The most important thing is that in a pile of tens of millions of small villas, this house only costs five million. Why is it so cheap? It is because this house has a fatal shortcoming,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, that is, the next-door neighbor is a family of immigrants from the Tana Galaxy. The Human Federation's immigration policy towards foreign galaxies is very tolerant. In the Capital One Galaxy, there are often all kinds of immigrants in the streets and alleys. There are all kinds of strange images, but no matter how strange they are, they are not as unacceptable as the creatures of the Tana Galaxy. Wen Qing said he didn't believe it and searched for the appearance of the Tana people. Looking at the video, there are no eyes, no face, only two antennae, and they keep wriggling,Vending Machine Motor, and the skin keeps spilling milky mucus. Rao is Wen Qing, who has seen many strange creatures in the realm of cultivation, and has to say, hot eyes! The point is that the Tana people are very warm and friendly, very warm! Anyway, looking at the gossip on the online forum, Wen Qing knew that the previous families could not accept the enthusiasm of their neighbors and moved away. Mommy, are you sure you want this house? Wen Ximing swallowed saliva, although he liked the big yard of the house, but thinking about the photos of the Tana people he had just seen, Wen Ximing felt that he did not like it very much. It's all right, son. Just think of it as exercising yourself. At the worst, we'll raise the courtyard wall high! Wen Qing did not want to admit that she was also disgusted, anyway, when the time came, she got a few sets of array, to isolate the neighbors. And the house is really cost-effective, small geared motors ,gear reduction motor, location, transportation, Huxing are good. Afraid of regret, Wen Qing decisively contacted the housing intermediary, signed the contract on the Internet, completed the housing certification, and began to prepare to contact the decoration company. Mother and son in the decoration company sent a variety of three-dimensional model of the new home, fill in the drawing, choose materials, happy to design their own new home. Mommy, can you help me choose the color? I think they all look good. Wen Ximing asked, pointing to the wall of his room. He thought it was so beautiful that he couldn't choose it at all. Let me see, uh, this one. Wen Qing pointed to the blue box on the selection bar. This wallpaper that can change with the weather is good. What do you think, son? Looking at the wallpaper that Mommy chose for herself, Wen Ximing felt very satisfied and nodded in agreement. Move your little hands to fill the wallpaper in the blue box. The effect is really good! Wen Qing, who is busy on the stereogram, has to sigh with emotion that the development of science and technology is really good! Now the design drawings are ready, submitted, and the house can be closed in less than twelve hours, which is really convenient and fast. Busy decoration and busy with all kinds of living appliances, bought a cheapest housekeeping robot, as well as a variety of bedding, with the delivery manufacturer agreed on a good delivery time. Only then did Wen Qing breathe a sigh of relief. With such a busy work, the time passed very quickly. On the fourteenth day, Wen Qing packed the clothes and luggage of the mother and son, and packed them all to the express robot. Right! I almost forgot something important. Wen Qing came to the bedroom, knocked on the wall, and finally found a small box on the floor under the bed. Mommy, what is this? Wen Ximing, who was looking at Wen Qing all the way, asked curiously. The bear child has a big brain hole and thinks that there must be a key to the treasure hidden inside. Little friend Wen Ximing, do you know your mother thinks so much. "What your own father left behind." Wen Qing answered casually. Carefully check the small box, make sure things are still there, rest assured to put the box on the bedside table first, and then put it into the space when the little friend is not there. Inside the box was a medal that the original owner had stolen from Wen Ximing's biological father to use as evidence. If it hadn't been for the promise to help his cheap son find his own father, Wen Qing would have almost forgotten about it. Remembering his promise to the original owner, Wen Qing felt that fortunately his son's father was also a human being, otherwise he would have to go to an alien galaxy to find someone? Wen Qing, who was in a trance, was awakened by a word from Wen Ximing. Hearing this, Xi Ming was puzzled and asked, "Mommy, who is my father?" Dear friends, don't think too much. This question has no other special meaning. It's just a literal meaning. Wen Qing looked a little speechless and used a pair, 'What is this delicious?' The tone asks the son of such a question. Wen Qing was speechless and choked. My child, is it really no problem for you not to care about your own father? "Well, Mommy doesn't know who your father is." The original owner doesn't know that she can know? But children want to have a father and mother, right? "Do you want your father, Ximing?" Said Wen Qing with a guilty conscience. The Internet says that children need their parents to accompany them when they grow up. I wonder if my son also wants to have a father? Mommy, is dad as good as the dad in the cartoon? Is it better than Mommy? If not as powerful as Mommy, Dad seems to be of no use, Wen Ximing thought silently. Wen Qing seriously thought about the ability division of this planet, she is now building the foundation period of cultivation,Gear Reduction Motor, not her strong to abnormal divine consciousness, that is, spiritual power. Her other levels should be higher than those of human beings with physical level 10 and mental level 10. ichgearmotor.com