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Long Fei several people are the first time to hear someone call Xiao Han boy, all laughed. Long Fei several people all introduced, Xiao Han and Lin Tianlong went to one side, two people have not met for a long time, people do not disturb them, far away to stand together to chat. What about the second brother, the fourth brother and the fifth brother? I'm not with you. Xiao Han asked. It's just a game. We all want to play by ourselves, so we don't form a team and split up. We all saw your video on the website, and we always wanted to find you, but we couldn't find you. I heard you were in the nether valley recently, so I found you. I didn't expect to meet you. Lin Tianlong said, took a look at the body on the ground, there seems to be a little light on the ground, should be a piece of equipment, Lin Tianlong bent down to pick up, casually looked at the equipment in his hand: "Legal things,x56 line pipe, you take it.". Who are they? "I don't know." Xiao Han took the thing in Lin Tianlong's hand and threw it into the ring. His face was a little dignified. "I think it might be a ghost organization." Lin Tianlong was stunned, and his eyes seemed to spew fire: "Ghost Organization." Lin Tianlong clenched his hands into fists, and the veins on his arms were exposed, which was very frightening. Xiao Han lowered his head, the expression on his face was so calm that he could not see what he was thinking. Xiaodie watched the two brothers chatting from a distance. Although they do not know what they are talking about, Xiaodie knows that Xiao Han is angry,316ti stainless steel, his expression is calm and frightening, but the more calm, the more Xiaodie feels the anger in Xiao Han's heart. Lin Tianlong breathed a sigh of relief and restored a relaxed expression on his face. "I haven't started for several years, and I'm looking for someone to practice.". I don't know if my hands are raw. Lin Tianlong's fist loosened and his bones rattled. Lin Tianlong patted Xiao Han on the shoulder. He knew that Xiao Tian's death was the biggest blow to Xiao Han. He sighed and said, "Let go.". I'm going to greet Xiao Si and ask them to come over. Our brothers haven't been together for a long time. Xiao Han nodded. Lin Tianlong and Xiao Han also chatted for a while about their respective situations, Lin Tianlong several people in the army hung a sinecure, life is also quite relaxed, think of the past, two people sigh unceasingly. Lin Tianlong patted Xiao Han on the shoulder and turned his eyes to Xiaodie and Wu Ling. He smiled and said, "Let's go there. The two younger brothers and sisters should wait anxiously.". I didn't expect you to find a girlfriend very quickly without saying a word. Boy, it's good. Xiao Han knew that this kind of thing was getting blacker and blacker, and he never had the habit of explaining it to others, x60 line pipe ,347 stainless steel, just smiled. The two men walked side by side to the little butterfly. Brother Lin. "Brother Lin." Small butterfly dance silk several people all nod to Lin Tianlong. Lin Tianlong walked like a tiger, and the big sword on his shoulder dragged out a long trace on the ground. This big sword was so extraordinary that it made Longfei envious. Wu Ling cleverly walked to Lin Tianlong's side and looked at Lin Tianlong's long sword: "Brother Lin, this sword is so big.". What's his name? Wu Ling looked curiously at the big sword on Lin Tianlong's back. The sword has been dragged to the ground, the whole body glittering and translucent green, suffused with faint light. It's hard to imagine how powerful this sword is. Everybody is very curious, but did not have the nerve to ask, saw the dance silk to ask, all looked to Lin Tianlong. This sword is called the Dragon Sword, which I got by accident when I was doing the task. It's a mythical suit component. Lin Tianlong stroked the sword in his hand and said. Myth level? Long Fei several people are surprised, they are still working hard for the legendary equipment, did not expect others to take the mythological equipment. Lin Tianlong looked at Xiao Han's equipment and asked doubtfully, "Why is your equipment so bad? With your strength, the equipment is not so bad." Xiao Han blushed, from playing games to now, although the online time is very long, the time to practice and collect equipment is not even half. Most of the time he spent making alchemy and doing other things, so that his equipment was so poor. Xiao Han smiled, embarrassed. Long Fei several people straight roll their eyes, Xiao Han's equipment is still poor, that his own equipment is simply no face to see people. Only then did they notice the equipment on Lin Tianlong's body, which was shining with a faint blue luster, highlighting its extraordinary, except for the sword in his hand, the rest were epic equipment! It's much better than the equipment on Ao Shen. Long Fei's eyes shine, Lin Tianlong's equipment is too strong! The heart can not help but a little depressed, the same is the sword fairy, how the gap between the two is so big. If Xiao Han spent all his time collecting equipment, his equipment would not be much worse than Lin Tianlong's. But how can Xiao Han have so much free time. Rank does not determine strength, which is true. The real masters seldom appear on the ranking list, but like to hang below the list. Ao Shen blushed at the thought of this, and he was too unworthy of his name as the first master. They chatted together and had no intention of leaving. KING stopped on the high ground in the distance. The appearance of Lin Tianlong made him hesitate for a moment. KING was a little uncertain about Lin Tianlong's strength. Judging from Lin Tianlong's equipment, Lin Tianlong's strength is not much lower than his. KING turned to look at KILLER. "Who is the man with the big sword on his shoulder?" KILLER shakes shake one's head: "I also do not know, this person has never appeared before the person, do not have his video on the net even." KING frowned. It seemed that he really underestimated the world's most populous country. With such a huge population base as China, it should not only be the top players on the list. Many of them chose to hide their names. KING thought of the five people who had destroyed the ghost organization, such people, too powerful,316 stainless steel plate, to this day, KING is still very difficult to raise the determination to fight against them. KING gave up the idea of going up and fighting with Xiao Han now. Under the crown, do we still have to go up? KILLER asked worriedly. KING shook his head. He never did anything he was not sure of. He did not know the strength of the mysterious man who had just appeared. He would not easily fight against them. Give me the strength to investigate this person. 。 lksteelpipe.com