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In a low voice, Vivian made a snitch and introduced the situation of the enemy. "This annoying guy is the third prince of the northern Kenya, named Ter Chane.". I used to chase my sister crazily, but I don't know how many times I was fixed by my sister. You see, I'm still dead now. Along with him were the princes and princesses of the other six countries of the Northern Alliance, and the only ones who did not wear apprentice robes in Sdebia. These guys called themselves the "Fire Dragon Seven", but they were called the "Dumb Seven" behind their backs! They are a bunch of scum, riding roughshod over the college, throwing their weight around, losing the face of the mainland royal family, if they did not give a huge amount of sponsorship to Sdebia every year, the teacher would have kicked them out. But these guys are very talented, and they are very strong in the Academy. Those men are still practicing both magic and martial arts. Two of them have the titles of senior magician and Rihui Knight. The two girls have better auxiliary healing magic than my sister and me. Shit, there's another one robbing a woman with me. Just a few days ago, the Viscount Lance Hayter ran away in anger, and now there's a third prince. Damn, earn a woman with Lao Tzu, and wait and see for Lao Tzu. It seems that you really have to learn from that Angubila. When you want to marry Nelly and Vivian, you should take your country, the land of the ***ing Northern Alliance, to honor my old Taishan and old Taiyue. Sitting upright without looking at Ter Chane, Nellie took a sip of wine and said coldly, "Your Royal Highness, shall I inform you when I come back?"? We are not relatives, so please don't welcome the wind and wash the dust. Enthusiasm was not dampened at all,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and Ter Chane came to us with a flattering smile on his face. She looked at Vivian in surprise and said, "Why did Princess Meiyannis come after Xiao Bing?"? Lance Hite isn't here. I haven't seen him in over a year. Is he all right? Said, the goat reincarnated eyes staring at Kana obsessively, asked: "Who is this great beauty like a goddess?"? Haven't you heard that there are new students in Stabia? Beauty, are you the noble princess of that country? I am Ter Chane, the third prince of Nikenya, the most powerful man in the Sdeba Academy of Magic. If you have any questions in the future, you can report my name. By the way, are you interested in adding our Fire Dragon Seven? *** me, I want to vomit,water filling machine, this bastard is cheap to the extreme, is really the bitch of bitches ah! With a contemptuous curl of her lips, Vivian said, "It's up to you whether I come or not!"! How's Lance Hite? You ask him to go, whether he is good or not is none of my business! I warn you, Ter Chaney, never mention the name of Lance Hite in front of me again. He has nothing to do with me. Ever since he came in, the clay figurine of Ter Chane was also very earthy, but he didn't dare to have an attack with Nellie and Vivian. He knew the strength of the two princesses. Turning his eyes, he found me sitting in the middle of the three women with a smile. Looking at my sarcastic smile, he looked for the object of venting and pointed to my nose: "You, who are you?"? Do not know what this place is, here only to receive the royal family, you this pariah, actually sitting beside the princess, go away! There is no seat for a pariah like you. Get out, get out! Holy shit! Idiot, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,juice filling machine, bitch! Don't you ***ing see what I'm wearing? I'm now the vice president of the level ten saints. Depend on, just about to get up to teach this blind bitch a lesson, I feel the murderous look of the three women around me. Shit, I don't need to do it myself. These three Tigress are enough for the swaggering bitch in front of me to drink a pot. Look, Ter Chaney humiliated me, and those three women quit. They bully me, each think is perfectly justified and is taken for granted, now has the outsider to point at my nose to scold, how can they endure! Kana was the first to get mad, and with a flick of her hand, half a glass of Helsing spilled on Ter Chane. What was spilled was wine, but when it hit the bitch, it turned into a lot of ice. Almost at the same time, Nelly's fireball and Vivian's ice pick hit poor Ter Chane in no particular order. Screaming, the third prince of Kenya threw himself straight at the door. As soon as the other six members of the Fire Dragon Seven were startled, a tall man in platinum light armor rushed to the front of his body, reached out to catch Ter Chane, his face changed, he snorted coldly, and gently put the fainted Ter Chane on the ground. He stood up and concentrated on the frozen air on his hands, and his broad face was livid. Aft a while, that tall fellow's blush returned, and he look back at the two gaudy girls who were healing Ter Chane. "Margaret, Corme, how's the second?" He asked. Princess Margaret Snir of Mannoburg, with sweat on her forehead and a pink jacquard robe, said with a worried look on her face, "It's very troublesome!"! The burn is very serious, the fire invades the internal organs, and two different frozen gases directly enter the body. Gurman, it will take a long time to cure Ter. We can only keep him alive now. I'm afraid we can't cure him. The tall man, the leader of the Fire Dragon Seven and the second prince of the Kingdom of Fesoa, Gurman Judson, with a sullen face, stared at the three daughters of Kana and said, "Nelly and Vivian, you are too cruel to hit so hard." Pointing at Kana, his big face was full of anger and he said, "You have gone too far. You attacked a senior magician in the capacity of a God or a God.". Whoever you are, if you wound the prince, you will be hunted down by the Kingdom of Kenya and our Northern Alliance. Kana Liu raised her eyebrows and said with a sneer, "If you hurt a human prince, you will say something. Even if God is disrespectful to my husband, you will die. Sister, I am in a good mood today. I don't want to kill anyone.". That boy is very lucky, I want his half life only, you tell those two little sisters, do not treat again, good also is a useless person. Motioned for Elaine Bice to pour wine for her. With a murderous look on her face, Kana said contemptuously, "Your Northern Alliance and that boy's Kingdom of Nikenya are going to hunt me down with all their strength. Well, I'll wait and see if I'm in a bad mood one day and destroy your Northern Alliance." With a cold shout, Nelly stood in front of Kana and said coldly, "Gurman, don't use your Northern Alliance to oppress people. Kana is my sister. If you have any problems, come to me.". The Northern Alliance is at war! Do you think we are afraid of you,liquid bottle filling machine, Vachinosen! If you can, let's fight now! If you dare to bully my husband, you can tell Ter Chane to go to hell. 。 gzxilinear.com