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Emperor Shitian also explained what needed to be done later. Now that the Ape King has been subdued, there are only two kings, the Condor King and the Python King, who need to be subdued. Once all of them are subdued, the mountains can't stay any longer and must leave here as soon as possible. Get as far away as possible. Don't think too much about the rest, just get out of the coming danger. At that time, relying on himself and several kings under him, he could occupy a mountain forest in other places and lay a foundation. As for the secret method of spiritual practice, when he decided to establish his own power, he did not intend to hide it. It was not enough for him to be strong. Only by establishing a strong power could he really have a certain deterrent force, so that all those who wanted to attack him could weigh their own weight before taking action. Therefore, Emperor Shitian had already planned that as soon as he was out of danger, he would first teach some spiritual skills to the kings under him. Set foot on the road of cultivating demons together. Worship the moon, come on, let's go to the next place. Just go to Condor Peak. With a greeting from Emperor Shitian, the Wolf King immediately understood, went out of the cave, led the way ahead, and ran quickly in the direction of Condor Peak. After they left, the ape king also made a move, and immediately ordered the monkeys to look for bamboo in the nearby bamboo forest. At the same time, it is also actively preparing for the migration. Emperor Shitian is here urgently preparing to evacuate the Tiger Hill Mountains. At this time, three days ago,inflatable amusement park, Princess Izumo and others who escaped from his hands had another move. Elder Martial Brother Dustfall. If your family can help you this time, Chu Yun will surely have some thanks in the future. In an abandoned mountain village on the edge of the Tiger Hill Mountains, a clear and melodious voice came out. Looking with the voice, I saw that Princess Izumo, who had escaped from the mountains before, was walking with a handsome and extraordinary man with a smile. Not far behind them, Zheng Baichuan and Qin Hai were indignant, and their eyes had never left them. Looking at Princess Izumo is a kind of love, but looking at the man's eyes,Inflatable bouncer, with a trace of sharp. Chapter 031 Xiuxian Family. If the eyes can hurt people, at this time, the man is afraid to have changed thousands of holes. Don't worry, Younger Martial Sister Yun. What happened this time happened to my Li family. If I don't help, I will definitely be punished by my father if I go back. Please rest assured, Younger Martial Sister, I will go out to experience. The two elders who follow me at home are already strong in the foundation period. Wait a minute. I will go to ask the two elders for help in person. With the elder's love for me, he will certainly promise to help. When the time comes, it will be easy to subdue the black tiger spirit in the forest. The young man named Li Jiangchen showed an elegant demeanor, which could be seen by Princess Izumo, with a kind of ingratiating charm in it. Thank you, Elder Martial Brother. Princess Izumo showed a sweet smile to the dust, and immediately looked at the other side with a dull look, showing a trace of infatuation in her eyes. Pow! But behind, Qin Hai two people are almost not jealous crazy, a palm clap on the side of the tree, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable dry slide, the tree will shake a violent shaking, the leaves clatter down. Speaking of this, it was three days ago. At that time, the cloud princess, they use the magic amulet, run that is a fast, the emperor Shitian was blocked by Zheng Baichuan's magic amulet, immediately let them run out of sight. Shenxing amulet can travel thousands of miles a day, that is not blowing, it did not take long to rush out of the mountains, but did not come to the place before, but appeared in the other direction of the mountains. Afraid of being chased out by Emperor Shitian, they still did not stop after leaving the mountains and galloped forward for a long distance. But did not expect, this also coincidentally, they hurried all the way, unexpectedly met out of the experience of Li Jiangchen. Speaking of Li Jiangchen, the background is not small. In this world, there is a difference between the secular world and the realm of cultivating immortals. Generally speaking, people in the realm of cultivating immortals seldom have much intersection with the secular world. Devote oneself to the road of cultivating immortals, seize every inch of time to practice, hoping to break through to a higher level before the end of longevity. Therefore, in the secular world, although there are legends of immortals, they are rarely seen. However, there is a special case, that is, Xiuxian family. What is the family of cultivating immortals? Speaking of it, this family is actually the family of cultivating immortals. For example, if a disciple of a sect in the realm of cultivating immortals feels that he cannot achieve much on the road of cultivating immortals, he will go down the mountain on his own and marry and have children in the secular world. In the blood of an immortal, there is a great chance that he will have an heir with spiritual roots. Then, pass down the method of cultivating immortals to these children, so that the children of the family can embark on the road of cultivating immortals. After decades or hundreds of years, they can form a family of cultivating immortal. This kind of Xiuxian family not only has a certain connection with the Xiuxian world, but also is inseparable from the secular world, which is a very special existence. However, the power of some big families that have been passed down for hundreds or thousands of years is often quite deep, and some of them are almost comparable to the immortal sects in the realm of cultivating immortals. In the family, there is a strict division, for example, in a family, only a few have spiritual roots, cultivation has not yet reached the foundation period, they are divided into the lowest third-rate families. Those who have a master in the period of building a foundation can be called a second-rate family. But has the knot Dan period strong person's family, already was steps into the first-class family's scope. As for the level family, that is, the top Xiuxian family, there is an old monster in the family during the period of yuan Ying. Such an aristocratic family is completely comparable to those sects in the realm of cultivating immortals. Often, the strength of savings is quite huge. As for Li Jiangchen, he is precisely the young master of the first-class family Li, and there is a strong man in the family. And the place where the family is located is in the state of Chu. After they had walked together for a while,inflatable bounce house with slide, Princess Izumo found an excuse and went back to the house. Looking back to the room out of the cloud princess, Li dust in the eyes of where there is the previous obsession, to restore Pure Brightness. He also turned away and went into a wooden house that looked better in the mountain village. joyshineinflatables.com