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5 Benefits Of A Good Pocket Knife:

Why You Should Carry One While Going On An Adventure

A knife is one of humankind's oldest tools simply for its high utility that probably offers endless possibilities to users. This great versatility of knives prompted the invention of pocket knives that now allows people to carry one with them all the time for different purposes. In the case of outdoor activists, there are apparently many uses for a good folding knife on a camping trip. Let's examine all the ways in which you can make use of your  best rated pocket knives while being out in the open.

1. Aiding camping activities

When packing for a camping trip, you should always remember bringing one of those best-quality folding knives. A good pocket knife that you can open and close quickly is a top choice because it is vital that you have some tools on you wherever you are. You will be surprised by how often you will need to use one for works around your campsite. How else would you set up a tent or cut tinder and kindling for your campfire? If you are more skillful and have a bit of experience and practice, you can even spark a fire by striking your blade against a sharp rock.

For those who go on a fishing or hunting trip, high-quality folding knives will come in handy when it is time to cut a hook from a fish or slice and skin an animal. It seems understandable that this survival tool is a mandatory carry-on for campers.

2. Preparing your food

Obviously, using folding knives to prepare food is a no brainer. You can cut fruits, bread, and slice cheese using the sharp edge of a knife. Also, many cans and food packages can also be opened with a knife. If you find yourself struggling without a bottle opener, your pocket knife can pretty much act like one as well. Just be careful not to cut yourself, and you will be good to go.

Some people will even go so far as to use pocket knives as their utensils. They eat right from the tip of the knife blade but if it is too daring for you, never mind!


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3. Cutting stuff

During the trips, there will be times when you need to cut something, and you know this is the main purpose of these quality folding knives. It will justify why folding knives are many people’s favorite EDC items. You will be able to cut anything from wires to ropes to wood, whenever you want, as long as your best small knife can handle it.

4. Defending yourself

Better be safe than sorry. Carrying a pocket knife while wandering in the wilderness is never a bad idea. It will provide you with some protection from all the wild animals or any kind of unexpected threats you never see coming.

5. Handling emergencies

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time on the road, so you should be well-prepared. Aside from its normal uses, a high-quality pocket knife can also contribute to some cases of emergency. You can quickly take your knife out to tear through all the clothes of someone who is hurt to get to their wounds. You may even use it to retrieve foreign objects from an injury, cutting bandages, and much more.

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Being compact and highly convenient, sometimes even dangerous, a folding knife is an item that will serve to help you accomplish many things when you are on a camping trip. In order to get yourself one of the coolest pocket knives to go on the next trip, make sure you read our guide to the top-rated pocket knives on the market.