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How to play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game online or offline

We teach you how to play the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game, a fun easter egg in your browser.

Google Chrome's Dinosaur Dino Game is a small browser easter egg that many users discover by accident when they're off the internet. The little dinosaur that appears in the connection error can be turned into a game by pressing the spacebar or tapping it on the cell phone.

If you have any problems with your Google browser, be sure to update it on your mobile. Also check out our other article about other popular games available on Google Doodle.

The minigame is practically infinite. In practice it has an ending, but it can only be reached after 17 million years, a reference to the time the T-Rex lived on Earth. More curious users can learn in this article how to search by image on Google and search for "ultimate google dinosaur game" to see that no one has ever reached the completion of the minigame.

To avoid seeing the dinosaur game without internet in urgent moments, it's worth investing in good routers that don't let your connection down.

How to play the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Step 1: If you want to access the dinosaur game without internet, just open a page to see the connection error and press the spacebar to start playing.

When you are without internet the Google Dinosaur Game will appear naturally, just press the spacebar to play.

Step 2: If you don't want to play the dinosaur game offline and your connection is in perfect condition, type in the address bar, without the quotes: "chrome://dino/" and press Enter to access it.

If your internet is working, the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game can be accessed at the address "chrome://dino/" without quotes.


The game controls are very simple, just press the spacebar or the up key and the dinosaur will jump over obstacles along the way. There is also the ability to press down to crouch against aerial enemies. On smartphones, just tap the screen to make the jumping movement.