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This year's group of disciples, than in previous years, the qualifications are more than one, if in accordance with the intensity of training in previous years to train, Chu Wenxuan can guarantee that this time at least 40 people can come here. However, the Lord of the castle ordered that the scheduled four-month training be shortened to two months, which directly resulted in the present consequences. The remaining less than twenty people are the top, who have experienced the test of death, and the future of Oolong Castle is also condensed on them. None of the four Iron Tu died, but there was a long scar on Qiu Qianbian's cheek. The scar looked like a sword wound, an old wound, and the mark left behind added to his strength. He Xiangning's abdomen also had two or three wounds that had been pierced. Qiu Jueyin was not spared. His right arm was full of scars, but only Iron Tu, as usual. These scars are all left to them by empty hatred. During the two months of training, they passed by death countless times. In the first battle with Empty Hatred, all three of them were injured and almost died except Iron Tu. In the end, if Iron Tu's defense was not too strong, Empty Hatred could not defeat his golden light after a long battle, and all three of them were estimated to die. Finally, Chu Wenxuan, who had been instructed by Deacon Dai, stopped the attack of Empty Hatred. At the beginning,Pietra Gray Marble, Deacon Dai had promised Tang Feng that he would protect the four of them from death before he came to the Fire and Ice Island. After that narrow escape from death, almost everyone was thinking, if Tangmen were here, how could it be so arrogant and presumptuous? But they did not know where Tangmen had gone, and when they asked Chu Wenxuan, he just kept his mouth shut and did not answer, leaving them at their wits' end. My dear, is this the island of fire and ice? Tietu stood on the side of the boat and shouted loudly. As he shouted,Agate Slabs Countertops, he grabbed Qiu Qianbian, who had fallen on the deck and was twitching all over, and said, "Get up and have a look." Qiu Qianbian looked pale and almost collapsed. He waved his hand and said, "Don't pay any attention to me. Stay as far away from me as possible." Qiu Jueyin said to one side, "Brother Qiu, why are you so seasick?" "God.." Born. Qiu Qianbian answered feebly that this was a fear of the ship and the sea in his heart, which could not be avoided by high strength. Moments later, the ship finally reached the shore. Concubine Xiaoya, dressed in a strong suit, jumped down from the boat, his expression was indifferent, his face was as usual, but he could not help but tremble slightly, but showed a little nervousness in her heart. Chapter 317 Room 27. Tragic day, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,White Marble Slabs, when I got up in the morning, there was no electricity until now. I don't know if it was because of the construction nearby. This chapter in the Internet bar code, very noisy, today temporarily one more! Keep your fingers crossed that there won't be a power outage tomorrow. Finally came to this place again! Two months have passed, and my patience has reached its limit! Is he still alive? As Deacon Dai said at the beginning, in those six days and six nights, if he was already dead, it didn't matter how long he waited. If he was still alive in six days and six nights, it was no problem to wait two more months. If he can live in it for six days, he can live for two months. Although understands this truth, but the imperial concubine Xiaoya is unable to suppress own anxious mood. She needs to know the facts, needs to know what the man's situation is, live to see people, die to see corpses! In the past, when the disciples of Oolong Castle were sent to the Ice and Fire Island to practice, Fei Xiaoya would never come over, but this time was an exception. Not only did she come, but so did Deacon Dai. These two people want to know the whereabouts of Tang Feng more than anyone else, of course, the purpose of each other is different. Under Chu Wenxuan's shout, less than twenty elite disciples of Oolong Castle were driven off the ship. Of these more than a dozen people, in addition to the Iron Tu four, there are four people who do not belong to the Daixue Palace, the rest of the people, all from the Daixue Palace disciples, accounting for almost half of the total number. You can imagine how strong the quality of these disciples sent by Daixue Palace is. Chu Wenxuan looked at the dozen people and repeated what he had told those disciples in previous years: "You are not just living for yourself now, you can stand here because countless people who have died have made stepping stones for you!"! More than 200 people participated in the first stage of training in Oolong Fort, but now there are less than 10% left! You are carrying the dreams that these people have failed to fulfill. Each of you is the strongest elite. Entering the 36 rooms of ice and fire, I don't want to see anyone die again, although death is inevitable, but.. Be sure to stick to the end, and if you notice something wrong, get out of it immediately. Your lives are no longer your own, you are the people of Oolong Castle! Before there is no order from the Lord of the castle, even if the blood runs dry, I have to hold my breath! Empty hate a face of disdain to skim Chu Wenxuan, for him, he never thought he was Oolong Castle, he and those disciples from Daixue Palace, from beginning to end are Xie Xuechen's people! Chu Wenxuan's words can only be said to the other half. I have told you about the matters needing attention in Room 36 of Ice and Fire before I came here. There is no need to elaborate too much. Time is precious. Now all of you go to Room 36 of Ice and Fire. You four stay here. Iron Tu and others can not help but look at each other, but empty hate face some doubt, looked up at Chu Wenxuan, but also dare not ask, with the rest of the people toward the hillside. Waiting for those people to disappear at the end of the line of sight, Tietu couldn't help asking, "Old Chu, what are we doing here?" Chu Wenxuan took one look at Concubine Xiaoya and said, "The castle owner has something to say to you." "Lord of the castle?" A group of people are going to pop their eyes out. These people have been training since they entered Oolong Castle. Although they know that the owner of Oolong Castle is a beautiful woman, they have never seen it,Slate Wall Panel, nor have they been told who the owner is. Although the imperial concubine Xiaoya has also been on the boat, but they did not expect that the castle Lord in the rumor was actually beside them. Following Chu Wenxuan's eyes, they cast their eyes on Fei Xiaoya. forustone.com