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Add Quotations in your Paper


The paper requires the paper writing service online to use as much evidence as possible, every paper writer knows this fact. Quotes are also a form of evidence used in these papers. 

Why do we use quotes in papers? It is the best way to demonstrate knowledge of the text. Plus, it is one of the forms of solid evidence. Quoting basically means adding the exact words of the original author. Quotes are illustrated by inverted commas, either single commas or double commas.

Want to learn the art of adding quotes like a boss? Here is a quick guide on adding them:


What to Avoid when adding Quotes

Keep in mind, if you are not quoted correctly, you risk your grade. Avoid the following mistakes:

  • Overloading of quotations.
  • Irrelevant quotations.
  • Broken sentences.
  • Plagiarism.
  • Overused quotes and clichés.



Important factors to Consider

Integration of a quote in an paper depends on the following:

  • What do you want to add?
  • How many quotes do you want to use in the paper?
  • How well that quote fits your paper?
  • Does the quote blend well?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Did I use the correct grammar?
  • Is it too complex to understand?


Starting an paper with a quote; made easy

The mystery of a classic paper to write my essay  service. One way is to start the introduction with a quotation. 

My experience with professional writers from a reliable paper writing service reveals they are pros at doing this. Every paper from them is a masterpiece and hooks the reader in the very beginning. When they use quotes, they are cited correctly and blend into the paper very well.


Keep the following points in mind:

  • Research the quote well before adding it into an paper.
  • Is the audience familiar with the context?
  • Is the audience aware of the person you are quoting?
  • Make sure the quote contributes well to the theme of the paper.
  • Do not confuse your readers with something unrelated to the topic and theme.


How to quote a quote?

Be attentive! Quoting a quote requires a little bit more care.

First, clearly select the secondary source you want to quote. Differentiate both by single and double quotation marks or you can simply get write my essay for me. Double quotation signs show the secondary source while the single quotation mark will show the original quote. Let’s look at the simplest example:

Ella told me, “David said, ‘This will never work.’ ”


How to cite a quote?

Do not forget to cite the quote. I repeat, don’t make this mistake.

The citation of a quote generally depends on the citation style you have to use. For instance, if the citation style is MLA, you always cite the page number to indicate where the quote has been extracted. While APA requires to add cite the year when the quote was written.

It is also important to briefly introduce the quote and the author so that the readers understand well.

Use block quotes if you have to cite multiple paragraphs!


Avoiding Plagiarism

Using the original words of the custom essay writer and inserting them in an paper without quotation marks will result in plagiarism.

Plagiarism is cheating and you will straightaway get an F.

Avoid this situation by making sure you use quotation marks to give evidence to the reader. You can also rephrase the author’s words but a citation is essential to avoid plagiarism.

That’s it about adding quotes in the correct way. Having these tips on hand, you will never make a major mistake while quoting. Fingers crossed!


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