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In order to eliminate sagging of the face, it is recommended to use beauty products that help to tighten the face lines and reduce facial swelling.

So, here are some recommended care products to eliminate sagging face.

Let's take daily care to eliminate sagging and achieve a tighter, smaller face.


Cassa, which is easy to hold in your hand and fits easily to your face line, is useful for relieving swelling, sagging, and stiffness.

Cassa with heat and vibration functions can be easily treated by simply stroking lightly.

Face massager

Face massager, which can be used to pick up the skin and lymphatic system, help to tighten the face.

A carbon face roller that emits far-infrared rays can be used to treat sagging skin while providing warmth and relaxation.

Mouth training equipment

Training equipment around the mouth is recommended to strengthen the facial muscles.

The "orbicularis oris" muscles around the mouth are not used very often unless you consciously move them, which can cause the corners of the mouth to drop and the face to sag.

Training the orbicularis oris muscle can also help improve sagging cheeks and fine lines, so be sure to actively train the mouth area.

In order to strengthen the orbicularis oris muscle, I recommend a care product that you hold in your mouth to strengthen the facial muscles.

When you hold it in your mouth, the body vibrates and spins by centrifugal force, so you can train not only your orbicularis oris muscles but also your facial muscles.

Facial care products

Another way to lift your face is to use a facial device.

Lifting effects of facial appliances

Facial equipment with radio frequency and EMS functions can be used to lift up the face line.

The micro-vibrations of these products can help loosen stiffness and stretch out sagging skin.

Massaging your face with the device while washing your face or before applying makeup will make your face look firmer.

If you are looking for an efficient way to lift your face, you should definitely try a facial toner.

L&L Skin

We recommend the L&L Skin facial device. A multifunctional facial device that is also effective for lifting.
The L&L Skin has been featured on TV and in magazines as a multifunctional facial device.

It has a variety of functions, including an EMS function that can be expected to lift up the face, so it can take a multifaceted approach in addition to sagging of the face.

The EMS function is used by professional athletes for training and dieting, and it is a function that is attracting a lot of attention.