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Now Jin Ruo is more than four months pregnant, because of severe morning sickness a few days ago, the body is thin, although the lower abdomen is bulging, a heavy cotton-padded clothes are also covered up, it can not be seen that she is a pregnant person. Her complexion is still ruddy, pull a woman's bun, only with a silver hairpin half, a plain clothes, beautiful face, there is a little girl beside, with Xue Fu doctor moved to Yecheng remote Qingping Lane. Others only thought that the daughter-in-law of a new widow had moved with the family, and that she had a posthumous child in her stomach, which made people pity her, and she had never doubted her identity. Doctor Xue Fu went to feel people's pulse during the day and got some money. Although it was not much, he lived a peaceful life. A lot in the alley. The women had some sympathy for the newly widowed daughter-in-law. In addition, she has a good temper and is kind and handsome, so she is also willing to associate with her. Lady, my husband is cutting a knife of pork back, I made steamed stuffed buns, give you a few to taste. Wang's wife next door climbed up the wall, carrying a basket, and shouted to Jin Ruo, who was sitting in the yard doing needlework. Jin Ruo looked up and smiled with her shyly,touch screen interactive whiteboard, which made the lady of the Wang family laugh. She seldom saw a woman with such a thin skin, and she was really handsome. Fu and some regret, but unfortunately this young age, the husband is gone, this belly is still one, how can orphans and widows live in the future. Still beckoned to her, "Come on, take these steamed stuffed buns. The skin is thin and the stuffing is big, but they are fragrant." The author has something to say: Ah,smart board interactive whiteboard, hungry, want to eat steamed stuffed buns! Chapter 110 Chapter 110 "Oh." Jin Ruo got up slowly, holding his stomach, and with a cry from Lady Wang, he carefully moved to the foot of the wall. No wonder she was so cautious. She really valued the child. She was afraid that he would make a little mistake. A few days ago, she had severe morning sickness. She couldn't eat anything, and there were some signs of miscarriage. When Lady Wang saw that she was going to stretch out her arm to pick her up, she quickly waved to her, "Wait, wait, lady, don't stretch out your hand. I've also heard that there are women who stretch out their arms and have a miscarriage.". What's in your stomach now is the only seed left by your husband. You're not in good health, so you can't make any mistakes. I'll give it to you myself. Although the words are rough, they are really good for Jin Ruo. Then he pulled the skirt of the coarse linen to the top of the wall and pushed it in through the gate. I'm sorry to bother sister-in-law Wang. Jin Ruo felt a little feverish in her heart and said to her sincerely. Lady Wang waved her hand and twisted her plump body. She said, "Hey, why are you still polite to me?"? If there is any need for your sister-in-law, just open your mouth. Sister-in-law is not a clever person, digital interactive whiteboard ,interactive whiteboard for schools, but she can still use it. She just felt that the lady was really pitiful. It is said that she is still the daughter-in-law of her husband's family. She is young and has no dependence. If she lives here in the future, she will have to help each other in the neighborhood. Seeing that it was already noon, he patted the dust on his clothes and told Jin Ruo, "You can eat the steamed stuffed buns while they are hot. If you want anything, go to the top of the wall and call your sister-in-law. Don't wipe your face. They are all neighbors. They should help each other.". It's getting late. Your eldest brother and nephew should be back. I have to take care of them. "Then I'll see my sister-in-law off." Jin Ruo put a dish of steaming steamed buns in the basket on the stone table in the yard, holding his stomach and opening his mouth. Lady Wang didn't dare to let her see her off, so she gently pushed her back to the stool and said, "You don't have to see me off. Just rest. Sister-in-law, I have legs and feet. You don't have to see me off." Before going out, he turned his head again and again and told him, "You can eat that steamed stuffed bun while it's hot!" Get Jin Ruo to respond, that Wang Jia Niang just felt relieved to go back to his home. Jin Ruo sent the steamed stuffed bun in the rough pottery dish back to the stove in the inner room to warm it, so as to save the heat. Usually in the palace, many see steamed stuffed buns, but there is no more human touch than this. Those jerks.. Round white bread with thin crust and large filling It's not all fine flour, but it's strong. Jin Ruo took another bite after cleaning his hands, and his mouth was full of meat fragrance. The head of Lady Wang's family is a pig butcher. On weekdays, the farmers who send pigs to slaughter always send him a knife of meat, so there are not many beside the Wang family, but the meat is constant. Such a big steamed stuffed bun, Jin Ruo touched four in a row. Xue Fuyi told her that after severe morning sickness, it is normal for the appetite to rise sharply, and eating more is good for the child. Since the day Xiao Qing released Jin Ruo out of the house, he no longer inquired about her news. Although he did not read it, he deliberately ignored it in his heart, but the feelings in his heart could not deceive people. He usually stayed in the main courtyard, and often inadvertently remembered that Jin Ruo was waiting there. It's the same on weekdays, and I can't cheer up. Knowing that Bai Chen is not a good partner, but the bottom of my heart does not care to think: so, everything is good. Fortunately, Baohua sent the silk to him, which somewhat distracted his mind. Unexpectedly, although most of the energy is placed on the use of this behest to bring down Xiao Jin, everything seems to be smooth, but the heart is not as expected as before, only feel that success does not matter. The author has something to say: The exam is coming, bless me! Don't hang up ! The mid-term exam accounts for 20% of the final grade. !▄█ I'm on my knees. Chapter 111 Chapter 111 The fifth day of the fifth month is auspicious and suitable for marriage. It is also the wedding day of Princess Baohua. It was rare for Emperor Ning to hold up his spirit to marry Baohua. Manchuria was very busy, decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, covered with red silk lantern towers, and laid red carpets in the streets. In the west of the city, Jing Zhaoyin took the lead in giving porridge and sugar. The Shuhua Palace was even more lively. Before dawn, the eunuchs shuttled back and forth, holding trays in their hands, with gold and jade in them, all dressed in new water-red clothes, looking jubilant. The dowry was placed in the courtyard of the Shuhua Palace, which was so full that it could not be counted. At the gate of the palace was a red sedan chair with eighteen people carrying phoenixes. The eunuchs carrying the sedan chair were waiting in the side hall, waiting for an auspicious time. The imperial concubine Wan rarely changed into a scarlet palace dress, decorated with gold and jade, wearing a ring of jingle, cloud sideburns and flowers, and went to Shuhua Palace to preside over matters long ago. Although Zhao Guifei was Baohua's adoptive mother, she was not close to Baohua and did not care about the world. In the palace, only the position of the imperial concubine Wan could be taken out,smart boards for conference rooms, and Emperor Ning had to let the imperial concubine Wan, who was not much younger than Baohua, take care of it. hsdsmartboard.com