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"Four elder sisters, you row quickly, why doesn't this boat move?"? Did you exert your strength? Zhang Wu pouted his red lips and complained discontentedly. She patted the hull of the boat and glared at Miss Zhang Si. "Fifth sister, I rowed, but the boat didn't move." Miss Zhang Si made a gesture to swing the oars back and forth more vigorously, but the boat really did not move at all. The three sisters looked at each other with some panic on their faces. Suddenly there was a sneer, and as soon as he slanted his head, he saw Xia Jiao looking at them with a half-smile. And the girl beside her held the oars against their boat, so that the two boats were closely connected. I don't know how much strength the girl used, but the three of them felt that the boat was sinking, and the edge of the boat was almost level with the water. What do you want? Zhang Wu immediately stood up, and his shrill screams caused waves of water ripples. It would have been all right if she had sat still, but as soon as she made such a violent movement, the boat began to rock, and even some lake water came in. Ah-ah, stop it! Zhang Wu is almost crazy. As soon as the third girl of the Zhang family grabbed the manic Zhang Wu, the look on her face was extremely ugly, but she said in a voice as gentle as possible, "What's wrong with the county magistrate?"? Let's come out to play. What are you doing all of a sudden? If it's for what we just said,smart whiteboard price, then I apologize to you. Zhang Wu was seated in the boat by her, and the boat slowly became stable, and the water did not come in again. Zhang Wuchang breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Qiu's strength against the wood pulp had eased a lot, as if he was ready to let them go. The third girl of the Zhang family was very good at looking at people's eyes. She immediately patted Zhang Wu on the shoulder and winked at her. County Lord, you have a lot of adults, please forgive me this time. I've been spoiled by my mother in the mansion. I've always been outspoken. Don't take it to heart, Lord. "Sister Xin'er,touch screen digital signage, please ask the county magistrate for a favor." Zhang Wu now remembered Xia Xin, with a pitiful expression on his face, just like when he was a child. Xia Xin is actually out of the situation, she doesn't know what Xia Jiao is singing. What's more, her relationship with Xia Jiao is not very good, at most it's just a companion. Hearing Zhang Wu act like a spoiled child with the tone of asking for candy when he was a child, Xia Xin felt bored and just glanced at her coldly without saying a word. Zhang Wu was immediately choked, and his eyes flashed a bit of anger, but he did not fall out. She was thinking about settling accounts with these two people after the crisis. Xia Jiaojiao is the head of the county, she used this means to bully their Zhang sisters, even to the present where, also can not shield. As for Xia Xin, it would be easier to handle. If she married into the Zhang family, interactive kiosk price ,temperature screening kiosk, her sister-in-law would naturally be able to knead and flatten her. If she didn't marry in, it would be better if she was retired by her brother. In the future, every time Xia Xin saw her, she couldn't raise her head. A girl who has been divorced will not have a good life. Xia Jiao hooked her lips and smiled softly. She waved her hand, and Zhiqiu immediately loosened the oars. The three girls of the Zhang family all breathed a sigh of relief and immediately rowed away from them for fear of being threatened again. By the way, why didn't I see Mrs. Zhang before? Xia Jiao Jiao let them stay away and suddenly asked. Zhang Wu felt strange and didn't want to talk to her, but when he saw Xia Jiao's face as if she was up to no good, he couldn't help blurting out: "My mother is naturally in her own room.". You don't want to play tricks! Xia Jiaojiao chuckled, "I'm not playing tricks. I'm just asking someone to take good care of Mrs. Zhang." Zhang Wu turned pale. She looked at Xia Jiao suspiciously, wondering what kind of medicine she was selling. After much hesitation, he stamped his foot and asked, "What do you mean?" Xia Jiao raised her eyebrows, glanced coldly over them, put her hand out of the boat, and gently touched the lake with her fingertips, creating a circle of lines. It's not interesting. You don't really think I've forgotten what happened seven years ago? She sat up straight, the smile on her face dissipated, and the whole person became cold. Her whole body became cold and fierce, like an open bow and arrow, ready to shoot at them at any time. The three girls of the Zhang family, including Xia Xin, all became uncomfortable. Xia Xin's mouth opened, as if he wanted to say something, but finally he chose silence. At that time, although she did not start pushing, she did stand aside and make sarcastic remarks, which led to the further deterioration of the situation. What do you want? Where's my mother? What did you do to her? Zhang Wu stood up directly, her face was extremely ugly, pointing at Xia Jiao, wishing to poke her directly in the face. Xia Jiaojiao chuckled, her eyes flashed, and she said in a very gentle tone, "Sister Zhang, don't worry.". I seem to have seen Mrs. Zhang just now. Zhang Wu twisted his eyebrows and was puzzled by her sudden appearance. "Don't put on an act. Tell me where my mother is, or I will make you look good.". When I get ashore, I will tell everyone that the head of Changle County is not only in poor health, but also very vicious. The expression on Xia Jiaojiao's face was unmoved. Her eyes rested on the three girls of the Zhang family. She pointed to the surface of the water and said with a half-smile, "It's in here. You jump down and look for it." What are you talking about? Mother, mother.. The look on Zhang Wu's face was panicked, and he immediately began to call loudly. The other two girls of the Zhang family seemed to remember something, especially Miss Zhang San, who suddenly raised her head and looked at Xia Jiao. She pulled Zhang Wu with a trembling hand and whispered, "Don't shout. Auntie shouldn't be in the water.". What she answers you now is what we told her five years ago. Not a word has been changed except the name. Miss Zhang Si could not help nodding and saying in a trembling voice, "Yes,interactive whiteboard prices, not a word has changed. I remember it very clearly." Xia Jiao clapped, with a look of appreciation on her face. "It seems that you have a good memory. You remember all this clearly. That's easy to do.". You should all know what's going to happen next. As soon as her voice fell, the faces of the people opposite changed. hsdtouch.com