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How Can I Find True Love?

A lot of people ask themselves this simple question: how can I find true love? When it comes to love and dating, that’s the ultimate goal that most people want to be able to reach: finding a true partner that would share a real and lasting relationship with them.

Whenever you ask yourself, “How can I find true love?”, often times you will also find yourself dreaming of that one person with whom you want to be able to share a lifelong commitment with. However, when it comes to maintaining a true relationship, the idea of a “dream partner” is the first thing that you have to let go of. If you try to find a person that will PERFECTLY fit your idea of a dream partner, you will never find a person that will fit each and every quality that you are looking for. Flaws and shortcomings are part of every person, and with true love comes acceptance of these flaws.

Don’t fall for that clichéd idea that women are more susceptible to romance than men are. While most guys won’t admit it, they’ll have probably asked themselves that same question: “How can I find true love?”But the funny thing is that men and women are not so far apart when it comes to qualities that they look for in a partner. Whenever you take a look at the dating scene, the best thing that you should do is take a look at yourself first. Don’t look for qualities that you know are not reasonable, and don’t look for qualities that you can’t offer at match in return.

Yes, when it comes to love and dating, it’s crucial that you should know what you’re able to offer to your potential partner before you start asking what they can offer to you. That way, you’re able to know your own value and you’re able to know what kind of partner you’re looking for. If you know your own worth as a partner, you will also be less likely to settle for a person; rather, you’re going to find a person who is worthy of you and the qualities that you posses.

Whenever you find yourself asking “How can I find true love, if no one seems to notice I am here?” then it just means that you haven’t found that person who can truly see your good qualities. It just means that you should take your time and be patient when it comes to searching for a partner.

Lastly, if you find yourself wondering how you can find true love here and now, without thinking of the consequences or responsibilities of having a partner, then it means that you are jumping the gun. Don’t rush into love! Relax and take your time. Get to know the person and see if they are really the type of person that you want to have a deeper connection with.

When you mention looking for love online, a lot of people tend to sneer and look down upon you, and it’s little wonder why; online dating is considered somewhat of a taboo when it comes to dating. The same people who tend to sneer are those same people who question how you can find love online and know that it’s real? Contrary to popular belief, you CAN find real love online, and despite all those stories about people getting ripped off or lied to, you will be able to meet decent people whom you can actually build a real relationship with, even if you meet them off the Internet.

Here are some ways how you can find love online: 

  • Look for Like-Minded – People Even online, people tend to move within their own cliques or circles where they find other people that they have things in common with. Just like dating in real life, you can’t help but become drawn to people with whom you have common grounds to break the ice with. If you’re looking to spark a friendship (or something more) online, try visiting websites that feature things that you are interested in, then look for people there with whom you can create a connection with. You will literally have access to a world-wide pool of people to choose from.
  •  Keep an Open Mind – If you let yourself get swayed by the opinion of others, you’ll probably never be able to find love online. Even your friends and loved ones might raise an eyebrow or two when they find out that you’ve tried looking for a relationship online, but don’t let yourself get taken in by their doubts and negative comments. Remember, it’s your opinion that matters, not theirs. How can you find love if you keep other people’s opinions take over your own?
  • Be Truthful – When you’re online, it’s easy to fall prey to the allure of being so far from the person you’re talking to, and you might find yourself stretching the truth now and then. Don’t give into the temptation and be as honest as you can. If by chance your relationship becomes something deeper, it’s going to be hard to erase whatever white lies you told about yourself to make yourself look better. When the other person finds out you’ve been lying, then everything just goes to waste. Ask yourself: how can you find love if your image is based on a lie?
  • Take Everything With a Grain of Salt – There’s no advantage to being naive online. Keep that old saying in mind, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Sure, the person you’re talking to COULD be that dreamy, sexy person they’re portraying themselves to be, but there’s no harm in keeping some cards close. Keep in mind this simple question: how can you find love that’s real if you believe everything that you hear just like that? 

The question of how you can find love online is simple: play it smart, and play it safe. Don’t go out giving personal information willy-nilly, and don’t be too quick to judge people either. Treat everything as you would as if you were experiencing everything in person.